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Wordsworth Tales of Mistery & The Supernatural

  • Monk Set in the sinister monastery of the Capuchins in Madrid, The Monk is a violent tale of ambition, murder and incest. mai multe 18.99
  • Strange Tales Rudyard Kipling, author of The Jungle Book, was also a master of the short story in which he was able to combine the strange and unnerving in order to draw the reader into the world of his own dark... mai multe 18.99
  • In a Glass Darkly A collection of tales of the supernatural, in which the patients of Dr Heselius are plagued by malignant apparitions and vampires, or are drugged into a state of living death. mai multe 18.99
  • Witch of Prague & Other Stories For a potent blend of horror, fantasy and fear Crawford's tales have rarely been surpassed. Most of these stories have long been out of print, so this collection is a special treat for all lovers... mai multe 18.99
  • Tales of Unease This gripping set of tales by the master storyteller Arthur Conan Doyle is bound to thrill and unnerve you. In these twilight excursions, Doyle's vivid imagination for the strange, the grotesque... mai multe 18.99
  • Collected Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe was the master of tales of mystery and the macbre, and is considered the inventor of detective fiction. This extensive collection also includes his finest poetry. mai multe 44.99