My Roller Coaster Feelings Workbook, Paperback

My Roller Coaster Feelings Workbook, Paperback


"Children with bipolar disorder will feel empowered and supported by this workbook. Knowing they are 'not the only one' is reassuring for kids. Learning to recognize their different mood states and practicing ways to calm themselves is critical for successful self-management. Kudos to the authors for providing this practical workbook " Mary A. Fristad, Ph D, ABPP This workbook helps children understand strong feelings in a fun interactive format. Not only will children become acquainted with how to identify feelings but will also learn strategies to deal with those feelings in a socially appropriate manner. Sections of the workbook include: Feelings, Feelings Detective, Dealing with Feelings, Charting, and Problem Solving. Each section comes with it's own certificate of completion to encourage and reward children every step of the way. This workbook is great for any child who deals with strong emotions or has trouble identifying emotions.

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